About Us

Kansals Inc. is an Architectural and Interior Design Consultancy firm based in the Gurgaon.

The firm has experience in handling projects of diverse nature, from institutes, office buildings, hotels, resorts to residences and farmhouses. We explore each project as an opportunity to provide an innovative design solution.

We believe in conceptualizing site specific designs, while drawing inspirations from traditional concepts and new technologies at the same time. That makes our architecture more responsive to the environment and the client!

Design Philosophy

We, at “Kansals Inc.”, conceptualize the design for any project by addressing issues particular to that site, client, program, climate, and regional context. We also believe that every project gives us an opportunity to investigate the program from a fresh perspective. The Design process starts from getting a basic brief from the client and converting it into a detailed design brief which forms the base for a unique building. Our methodology practically integrates Economy, Ecology, and Aesthetics. We intentionally form layers in the physical and non-physical aspects of the building, they form an integral part of the way we look at the building and also the way we approach the design of it. Our research oriented approach to building engineering, materials and construction technology allows us to continuously experiment with new architecture. We incorporate sustainable architecture into our design which helps making our buildings come under the banner of Green architecture.

We believe in “Think global, Act local!”